PLAY: Leonardo DiCaprio MUST win an Oscar in "Leo's Red Carpet Rampage"

'Act Harder!'

"Hi, I'm Leonardo DiCaprio, and I really need to win an Oscar."

So begins how you're going to spend the immediate future, as someone as create an intense, addictive and hilarious little game called Leo's Red Carpet Rampage.

The rounds including chasing down the Oscar in a foot-race against Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, Bryan Cranston as Trumbo or Matt Damon as The Martian.

There's also some bonus levels where you act out the car-crawling scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street, attempt to avoid Lady Gaga on the red-carpet, try to "Find The Black Nominee" and simply "Act Harder".

You can play the game in all of it's 8-bit addictive glory right here.