Luas workers have added two more strike dates in March, including St. Patrick's Day

SIPTU says extra extra strike action is designed to encourage to find a solution

Updated: 20.30

Luas workers are planning two more days of strike action in March.

Both Tuesday March 8th and St Patrick’s Day Thursday March 17th have been set for a further two days of striking, on top of Thurs 18th and Fri 19th of this week.

Transdev Managing Director Gerry Madden said today: "I am shocked and disappointed to learn that Luas employees plan on stopping the service not just this week, Thursday and Friday, February 18th and 19th, on Tuesday March 8th and St Patrick’s Day March 17th 2016.  All in pursuance of their pay claims."

"Not only are SIPTU threatening the company and Luas Customers but they will seriously impact business and the tourist sector by their actions. Their claims are unjustified. They are not benchmarked with any other sector. They will damage the Irish economy, businesses and the good reputation of Luas. Their action will impact on the thousands of families who use Luas to travel into and out of the parade, not just the parade but all the events in the city associated with the festival."

"I repeat again, the pay claims being demanded by SIPTU are extreme and are not benchmarked to any sector. Sensible voices need to be heard”

The dispute is over a pay claim of up to 54% over the next five years for tram drivers.

SIPTU says two extra strike days by Luas workers are designed to "encourage the company to try and find a solution" to the dispute.

Owen Reidy of SIPTU says they announced the strikes because the company hasn't engaged with them:

Last week saw heavier than normal traffic volumes in Dublin city centre, with packed buses and trains, as commuters made alternative arrangements.