JK Rowling weighs in on five-year-old legally-binding bet between a student and her teacher

The wager concerned whether or not Rowling would publish any new sequels to the 'Harry Potter' series

JK Rowling, Harry Potter, Victoria Green, The Cursed Child

British writer JK Rowling [Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP, File]

JK Rowling, beloved writer of the Harry Potter novels, has weighed in on Twitter to settle a bet made by a school teacher and a student in 2011 that became so heated, a legally-binding contract was drawn up and signed by witnesses. Now five years on, Rowling has revealed who has won.

Victoria Green, then a sophomore student in an American high school, got into a war of words with her then chemistry teacher, Robert Hernandez, over whether or not Rowling would ever again return to the magical world of her characters and release a new adventure featuring the grown-up boy wizard, with the teacher believing that Rowling would be unable to resist the temptation.

With Green firmly believing the writer would not, the pair drew up a contract, which they had officially notarised and signed by witnesses, outlining the terms of a wager on the matter, with the terms being that Rowling must write a new novel featuring Harry Potter before Green finished her university studies. The full terms and conditions of the wager can be read below:

With such high stakes in play, the announcement last week that the new play featuring the character, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, would be published as a complete script after its London premiere, things were in a grey area.

Fortunately for Green, Rowling responded to her tweet, declaring her the winner because, as per the binding rules of the contract, the new text is not a novel, and while JK Rowling is credited as its author, the principal work was completed by playwright Jack Thorne, who takes top billing on the book.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Green expressed her admiration for her former chemistry teacher, revealing she now studies environmental science. She awaits his call with interest.

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