Cuba returns US missile it received by accident

The incident comes amid warming relations between the two former Cold War enemies

Cuba returns US missile it received by accident

Image credit: John Crel/Flickr

Cuba has return a Hellfire missile it received in error from the US.

The device, which was inert and did not contain explosives, had been sent to Spain for a Nato exercise, then to Paris for delivery to Florida.

Instead, the BBC reports, it was placed on an Air France plane headed for Havana.

The incident proved highly embarrassing for the US military, who may have unwittingly lost secret arms technology to Cuba. US officials were worried this could lead to classified information being leaked to Russia, China or other associates of the country's Communist government.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry acknowledged the missile had been sent in error and said: "Cuba acted with seriousness and transparency and co-operated to find a satisfactory solution to this issue."

After more than 50 years, the US and Cuba resumed diplomatic relations last summer, and are gradually easing the economic barriers that were put in place during the Cold War