Irish couple who survived Paris attacks say it is 'just too soon' to attend memorial concert

Eagles of Death Metal will return to the city on Tuesday to continue the show they were not able to finish

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Image: Facebook/Katie Healy

An Irish couple who survived the terrorist attack at a concert in Paris three months ago say they would love to attend next week's memorial show but it is "just too soon".

David Nolan from Co Cork and girlfriend Katie Healy, from Co Louth, were watching Eagles Of Death Metal at the Bataclan when gunmen burst in and killed 90 people.

The American band will return to Paris on Tuesday to play the Olympia venue in memory of those who lost their lives in the 13 November attacks.

The band previously joined U2 on stage in an emotional return to Paris in December.

Mr Nolan, a 32-year-old quantity surveyor, suffered a gunshot wound to his foot that night and is still undergoing medical treatment to help him walk again.

"David threw his body over me to protect me, there is no doubt he saved my life that night by his actions," Ms Healy said.

"We just kept whispering to each other 'I love you'. We could see the terrorists walking around finishing people off. It was horrific.

"Eventually the shooting stopped and we could see an open door. We just ran towards it, but I couldn't understand why David was taking so long."

The couple fell into the street to discover that David had suffered a gunshot wound to his foot and was bleeding profusely.

A French woman living nearby brought them into an apartment complex where they met a passing doctor who drove them to hospital.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Nolan said: "That doctor saved me, he didn't think twice about putting us into his car and driving through Paris amidst all the chaos.

"It still hasn't sunk in what happened that night. The loss of life, the bloodshed, the violence ... I'm not sure people will ever recover.

"We will go back to Paris together someday, somehow. But this concert has just come too soon for us."

David has undergone four operations to his injured foot since the attack and has not been able to work since.

The couple have had to give up the apartment they shared as a result.

Katie added: "He is an incredible human being, the best. We will be thinking of the people who didn't make it out, and their families. And the amazing Parisians who risked their lives to help complete strangers that night."

The Bataclan venue is set to reopen - but not in time for the Eagles Of Death Metal gig.

You can listen back to Katie's interview on Newstalk last year here.