"I'm responsible for Donald Trump" says former GOP strategist

Jimmy LaSalvia is author of 'No Hope: Why I left the GOP and you should too'


The race for the nomination of the Republican Party appears to be narrowing.

Although Donald Trump is still ahead and remains poised to win the candidacy, Ohio governor John Kasich, Ted Cruz and even Jeb Bush are still in with a shout.

In the last few months, some onlookers have been horrified by Donald Trump’s offensive comments about Mexicans, Muslims and also women, when he accused Fox news journalist Megyn Kelly of menstruating as a way of deferring from his poor debate performance.

But for the moderate voices in the GOP there appears to be nowhere to turn.

That’s what political strategist Jimmy LaSalvia, author of 'No Hope: Why I left the GOP and you should too', says.

He still identifies with many republican values, not least of all fiscal conservatism, and identifies also with the Tea Party’s push against so-called ‘Big Government’.

However, he found himself in a stark minority on progressive cultural and social issues.

While a member of the party, and as an outwardly gay man, he co-founded GOProud, a now defunct US political action group supporting gay Republicans.

One of the first speakers the group invited to a convention was Donald Trump – an event that is said to have cast in Trump’s mind the idea of running for Republican Party nomination.

Shona Murray caught up with him and started by asking him why he identified with the GOP in the first place: