"My illness does not stop me, now I caress the piano" - Italian pianist with ALS reduces audience to tears

If you want to escape the Election and set yourself up for the weekend, then Steve Daunt transports you to the shore of an Italian lake and a life-affirming piano performance

To be honest the threat of the ‘magnificent seven’ on Monday is beginning to leave me cold. There has to be a way we can take a deep breath and remember there is life beyond the election.

There are flowers to be smelled.

Books to be read.

Vistas to take your breath away.

Music to soothe you.

On this last point, one of my Facebook friends posted a video of Ezio Bosso. Who he, I hear you ask.

Bosso’s an Italian pianist. Are you going all Richard Clayderman on us, I hear you retort.

No, Bosso is so much more than that. This week he performed at a music festival in San Remo.

Bosso has ALS - a form of motor neuron disease. It is obvious that he has to exert enourmous effort to control his muscle movements. That is why the control he shows when playing is stunning.

The tragedy is it is a progressive disease which will only lead to further deterioration. We will only be able to witness the joy for a very small window.

That might explain the tears which flowed. It was joyous tinged with sadness.

As Bosso puts it: "Music is a real magic, is our true therapy."

Election. What Election? For just a few moments... Enjoy.