Gangland threats to Irish reporters have made headlines across the world

The latest development in the ongoing gang feud has attracted attention from the Middle East to the United States

Gangland threats to Irish reporters have made headlines across the world

Australian news outlet SBS reports on the gang 'war' in Dublin

Yesterday evening Independent News and Media (INM) reported that several journalists in the group had received serious threats from individuals involved in the current Dublin gang feud - it was the latest development in a story that shocked and gripped Ireland since men dressed as gardaí opened fire in the Regency Hotel in Dublin last Friday.

The story has been gradually garnering international attention throughout the past week, but it was the threat towards reporters that has sparked considerable international interest in the gangland situation in the capital.

Since INM made the announcement the story has been spreading across the globe, with reports this morning in news outlets from the Middle East to Australia.

Unsurprisingly the strongest interest has been from the UK - with the major news outlets all reporting on the developing situation that has led to yesterday's threats to reporters. 

BBC - Dublin reporters warned lives 'at risk'

The Guardian - Irish journalists threatened by Dublin crime gangs

Sky News - Irish reporters 'under threat from gangs'



Beyond the UK, media across the globe have picked up the story. This morning saw reports everywhere from the Middle East to Australia and the United States.

A large number of local news outlets in the US have also picked up the wire service copy covering the events of recent days in Dublin.


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