Opposition grows across the EU against Brexit concessions

David Cameron hopes to secure reforms by next week's leaders' summit...

Opposition grows across the EU against Brexit concessions

British Prime Minister David Cameron, left, and Enda Kenny give a press conference after their meeting at 10 Downing Street in London (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool)

Ahead of next week’s crucial European Council Heads of State meeting, Council President Donald Tusk is facing serious opposition to his proposed measures to encourage the UK to remain within the Union.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the next six weeks will be key for the future of the European Union," Mr Tusk said.

He added that action needs to be taken to take "control" of the flow of migrants.

Mr Tusk concluded that he believes that a deal can be done to keep the UK in the EU, saying "I am confident that we can do this ... Then we are in the hands of the British people, who will I hope carefully weigh what is at stake."

Bloomberg reports this morning that France is leading a number of eurozone governments in opposition to proposals that would give the UK and other countries outside the single currency bloc the power to set their own regulatory standards for financial institutions – this measure would obviously prove a major benefit to London as a financial hub.

There are also reports of growing discontent among the EU’s Eastern European members to proposed limits on welfare payments to foreign workers living in the UK.

Britain needs unanimous approval from the 27 other members of the EU to the proposals at next week’s two-day summit on February 18th and 19th before he can support them in a Brexit referendum, with June 23rd reported to be earmarked as a possible polling day.