Chicago museum offers art lovers stay in a Van Gogh painting

Art institute has reconstructed Dutch painter's bedroom, posting the accommodation on Airbnb

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The Art Institute of Chicago, via Facebook

A museum in Chicago is offering art lovers the opportunity to spend the night in a replica of the bedroom Van Gogh immortalised in his paintings.

The Dutch artist moved to the South of France, where he painting some of his most famous works, including Sunflowers and the self-portrait showing him without the ear he had cut off.

Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles work on the left, pictured beside the Art Institute of Chicago's replica (right)

Van Gogh loved his Bedroom in Arles piece so much, he recreated three times.

Now the The Art Institute of Chicago has reconstructed the bedroom, as Van Gogh depicted it, and they have listed in on Airbnb for fans who would like to spend the night there. 

Want to spend a night in one of the world’s most famous paintings? In celebration of our upcoming exhibition Van Gogh’...

Posted by The Art Institute of Chicago on Monday, 8 February 2016

The Art Institute of Chicago is currently hosting an exhibition called Van Gogh's bedrooms.