WATCH: short samurai movie from the director of "The Raid"

Gareth Evans shows a pre-vis in attempt to bring in a wider audience

The director of the hit, cult action movies The Raid and The Raid 2 has posted a short samurai movie to his YouTube page.

While his IMDb page claims that he's currently working on The Raid 3 and the top-secret project Blister, Gareth Evans still had time to shoot this kinetic and classy set-piece.

According to Evans, the short film is a test action sequence designed in a bid to create choreography that maintained the style and rhythm of his prior work, all while staying within the parameters of a PG-13/12A audience friendly certification.

Anyone who has seen either of The Raid movies will know how insanely violent they were, but the short film below proves that Evans doesn't need over-the-top violence to deliver top-class fight sequences.