WATCH: Limerick teenager's video has a powerful message on cyberbullying

Luke Culhane created his short film as part of the EU's 'Safer Internet Day'

Luke Culhane, Safer Internet Day, Cyberbullying

Filmmaker and vlogger Luke Culhane [YouTube]

February 9th was Safer Internet Day, an occasion marked all across the European Union’s member states that seeks to promote more awareness of taking precautions and being better users when it comes to everything online. And one Limerick teenager has seen his cyberbullying video go viral, shared all over the world.

Luke Culhane, a vlogger and aspiring filmmaker, created the short Cyberbullying – Create No Hate, a production that took more than 40 hours to conceive, film, and edit.

“I have been cyberbullied myself, so that inspired me to make this video to help raise awareness for other people about how to handle cyberbullying, “ the 13-year-old told I Love Limerick, adding, “I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be physical bullying to hurt someone. So that’s why I showed the likeness between the two types of bullying.

“I felt that Safer Internet Day was an appropriate time to release this video to create discussion around the issue.”

You can watch Luke’s anti-cyberbullying video in full below:

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