"Star Trek" returning to TV with "Hannibal" series creator announced as showrunner

Bryan Fuller will bring the new series to CBS in the States

Since the latest Star Trek TV series came off the air, the franchise has actually only managed to get bigger and bigger.

Star Trek Enterprise aired it's last episode in 2005, but then we got the rebooted Star Trek movie and it's sequel Into Darkness in 2009 and 2013 respectively, with another sequel - Star Trek Beyond - due this summer.

However, a new TV version has been quietly gathering steam in the background, and today CBS announced that Bryan Fuller has come on board as both co-creator and showrunner for the new series.

Fuller is best known for his artistically violent, critically acclaimed reimagining of Hannibal, but was also creator and showrunner on shows such as Pushing Daisies, Heroes and Dead Like Me. Fuller also wrote several episodes for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, and has always claimed to be a huge Star Trek fan.

Producer and co-writer of the two recent Star Trek movies Alex Kurtzman announced:  "Bringing Star Trek back to television means returning it to its roots, and for years those roots flourished under Bryan's devoted care. His encyclopedic knowledge of Trek canon is surpassed only by his love for Gene Roddenberry's optimistic future; a vision that continues to guide us as we explore strange new worlds."

The new, currently untitled Star Trek series is due to air from January 2017.