Pics: Armed Garda checkpoints across Dublin in attempt to stop gangland feud

Two murders in four days has led to fear of a brutal gangland war erupting in the city

Roadblocks manned by armed police have been set up around Dublin in a bid to halt the bloody gangland feud which has left two people dead in recent days.

The move comes after a man in his fifties was gunned down in the north inner-city in an apparent retaliation for a deadly attack three days earlier at a boxing weigh-in at the Regency Hotel by a gang armed with AK-47s.

The murders have been linked to a feud between organised crime gangs based in Dublin and the south of Spain.

The latest victim was Eddie Hutch, whose brother Gerry is notorious Dublin criminal The Monk.

They are the uncles of 34-year-old Gary Hutch, who was murdered at an apartment complex on the Costa del Sol last September.

Garda checkpoints across Dublin in attempt to halt gangland feud 

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There has been speculation that it was his killing which led to last Friday's fatal gun attack at the Regency Hotel here David Byrne was killed and two others were injured.

Six people are being hunted in connection with that killing, three of whom were armed with assault rifles and wore outfits similar to a Garda ERU team.

The latest killings has led Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to call on any other gang members who fear for their lives to come forward and seek protection.

She said: "Tonight's fatal shooting in Dublin is another deplorable example of the ruthlessness of gangland criminals. It seems that some gangs are intent on waging a feud where human life counts for nothing.

"The gardai will take all necessary steps to try to prevent further bloodshed but we have to recognise the challenges they face.

"Members of gangs who have fears for their safety should come forward to the gardai."

The minister has been holding talks with senior officers about the escalating violence, which comes just weeks before a general election.