See Bowie as a bunch of cult icons in the brilliant 'Bowie vs. Pop Culture'

Created by the Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, the series of images is nod to some of the singer's best-known songs

David Bowie, Butcher Billy, Pop Culture

[Butcher Billy]

Tomorrow will mark a month since the world lost the iconic rock star and creative genius David Bowie. Losing his life to cancer has seen arguably one of the largest public outpourings of grief on social media that any media personality’s death has ever elicited.

While thousands of artistic tributes were paid to Bowie, a recent one from the Brazilian artist Butcher Billy is a brilliant mix of pop culture iconography and the singer’s wide grin.

“Bowie has always had a huge impact on me,” the artist writes on his website, “His influence can be seen in tonnes of my art pieces and even past projects dedicated to the Thin White Duke. I was just figuring out this concept, having a couple of artworks ready, when I heard about the shocking news.”

Taking the titles of some of Bowie’s best-known songs, the project uses cult characters from cartoons, TV, and cult film to illustrate the titles.

Check out the images in the gallery below: