A schlong time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 'Star Wars' kids toys look decidedly adult

Spotted by a mother shopping in Target, the store is now reviewing whether or not to pull the line

Star Wars, Sex Toys, Target, Joni Jones, Indiana

Swimways Star Wars 3D Sculpted Ship Dive Sticks [Target]

The Star Wars franchise is a renowned merchandising behemoth, known for having some very bizarre movie tie-in products retailing under the logo and trademark of George Lucas’ creation. When he sold the rights to Disney, we all knew the house of mouse was going to go big, but a new children’s product sold in Target stores looks like it belongs in a very different aisle.

Spotted in an Indiana branch of the chain store, the pool toys below caught the attention of Joni Jones, who immediately thought they looked like something that gets delivered by the postman in plain packaging, taking the shape of some feel-the-force sex toys.

Taking a snap of the toys, they were quickly shared all over social media – and hastily removed from the shop’s Facebook page.

Jones went on to say that she was not offended by the phallic nature of the Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and Stormtrooper play set, rather left amused.

“I posted it because I found it funny and wanted to share with fellow adults who could appreciate humour in the whole thing,” she wrote in response to an article written by Instinct Magazine.

Target replied to Jones, saying that it had passed on the product to its review team, which will take another look at it before determining whether to remove it from stores.

Still available on the Target website, the Swimways Star Wars 3D Sculpted Ship Dive Sticks are five inches long, made of PVC, require no batteries, pose no choking hazard and include adults, aged 18 years and up, in their targeted audience. The toys retail at €9.45.

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