WATCH: Homer Simpson is a spot-on Steve Avery in this 'Making a Murderer' mash-up

The editors use footage from the long-running animated sitcom to retell the Netflix documentary trailer

The Simpsons, Homer, Steve, Avery, Making a Murder, Netflix


In a perfect example of pop culture mashups, the editing geniuses at Vulture have put considerable time into mining the back catalogue of 583 episodes of The Simpsons to create a Homer-shaped tribute to Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

With the family’s patriarch standing in for convict Steven Avery, Homer’s ever present stubble and pleas of innocence make for the perfect foil. Plus with 27 seasons of the hit animated show to work through, there is no shortage of scenes from which to construct a pretty spot-on representation of the Making a Murderer trailer.

Take a look at the short below:

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