Dublin Archbishop asks mothers and grandmothers to get gangland criminals to end violence

Diarmuid Martin says those reponsible are "not idols or stars", but criminals

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Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin at St Patrick's Trainng College in Dublin | Image: RollingNews.ie

The Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin is appealing to the mothers and grandmothers of gangland criminals to persuade them to lay down their weapons.

It comes as the government announces an extra €5m to fund garda overtime.

Eddie Hutch Senior, who was in his 50s, was shot dead on Poplar Row in North Strand at around 7.45pm on Monday night.

It is believed that shooting was in retaliation for the killing of David Byrne last Friday.

The apparent gangland feud is suspected to involve drugs gangs in Ireland and Spain.

"Violence actually never leaves people with the security they seek - it actually exposes them to a recrimination of violence", Dr Martin told Newstalk Lunchtime.

"They (mothers and grandmothers), I think, are about the only people who have the ability - and they're very often very strong women".

"They have to get across that, first of all, this spiral of violence has to stop, the arms have to be put down and some way of organising a truce and ceasefire is absolutely essential for everybody and for society in general" he added.

Bishop Martin has dismissed entering mediation with those responsible, saying: "The danger about mediation is it would give the impression that the perpetrators have some status in society - they're not idols or stars or heroes, they're criminals".

"They're criminals who pump drugs into our children and they're involved in a turf war about their own power".

"There must be people who have the humanity to see that this isn't good for anybody", Dr Martin added.