High Court judge to visit 1916 Moore St site

Relatives of leaders of The Rising want to block the demolition of buildings close to historic centre

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Relatives of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising on Moore St. Picture by: Julien Behal / PA Archive/Press Association Images

A High Court judge has accepted an invitation to view the Moore Street site in Dublin as part of a legal challenge aimed at protecting a number of buildings.

Numbers 14 to 17 are the last buildings where the leaders of the 1916 Rising gathered before their surrender, and have been designated national monuments.

To mark the centenary of The Rising, the Government is planning to build a commemorative centre that would involve the demolition of surrounding buildings.

Work began last year, but that’s been put on hold because of a legal action aimed at protecting other buildings.

Colm Moore from the 1916 Relatives Association believes numbers 13, 18 and 19 should be designated national monuments too, but the Government claims they hold no historical significance and should make way.

Today, Mr. Justice Max Barrett was asked to visit the site and the buildings at the centre of this legal action.

The High Court judge accepted the invitation and the State agreed to continue its undertaking not to carry out any works pending the outcome of the case.