US politicians in last-ditch efforts to win over New Hampshire voters

First primary has opened. Registered voters will select their Republican and Democratic party candidates in election race

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Hillary Clinton campaign rally in New Hampshire. Photo: via @HillaryClinton on Twitter

Registered voters in the US State of New Hampshire will vote for the candidates they want to represent the Republican and Democratic parties in this year's Presidential election today.

For the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are locked in a death race.

Senator Sanders has taken a significant lead into today 's poll, which is open now until about midnight (our time)

Campaign messages

"I will get up every day and do everything I can to make a real difference for you, your families, and our country." —Hillary in NH

Bernie Sanders told his supporters he is confident of a win, if there is a high voter turn-out in today's primary.

Republican party

Donald Trump is the Republicans leading contender.  

He has taken to Twitter to thank his supporters, ahead of any result.

He is up against George W Bush's brother and Florida governor Jeb Bush.

The first exit polls are due in the early hours of tomorrow morning.