New invasive species is threatening fish life in the Shannon

Local power station in Lanesborough is attracting the Asian Clam

Fish life in the Shannon at Lanesborough, Co. Longford is threatened by an invasive species, the Asian Clam, whose presence is encouraged by water warming created by the presence of the local power station.

This was stated by Independent MEP Marian Harkin who is facilitating a deputation from the Lough Ree Angling Hub to meet senior officials of DG Environment in Brussels tomorrow, Tuesday, February 9th in their attempt to obtain a solution to the growing threat of the Asian Clams at Lanesborough.

“The problem here not only threatens fish life, including the endangered species – the pollan – but such is the ability of the Asian Clam to multiply that the ecology of adjoining Lough Ree is also under threat”, she said. "This had implications for the tourism value of angling to a wide area as well as the adverse effects on angling itself which was a sport enjoyed by a large number of locals and visitors", Marian Harkin said.

“Up to now attempts to have the Asian Clams removed have run up against a number of obstacles including establishing which government department or agency is responsible for tackling this threat”, she said. "It was hoped that the representatives of the Lough Ree Angling Hub would receive the necessary guidance from the European Commission officials which would see the removal of the Asian Clams from the river and the unacceptable threat they posed to fish life and the tourism contribution to the local economy", Independent MEP Marian Harkin concluded.