From "Batman V Superman" to the "Independence Day" sequel - a look at all of the Superbowl movie trailers

30 seconds is all they get to leave an impression

A 30-second slot during Superbowl is one of the most expensive times to air your product, but those Hollywood folk have the money to spare.

Always packed with trailers for the biggest blockbusters to come, this year's line-up was no different, jammed with superhero movies, massive sequels and fairytale re-imaginings.

Here's our breakdown of all the new teasers that popped up during the game.


The sequel to the critically mauled but massively financially successful movie ditches Tim Burton as a director and replaces him with James Bobin (The Muppets, Flight Of The Conchords), not that you could tell from this CGI-fest. The presence of Sasha Baron Cohen as the villainous Time might pump up proceedings, but if you could grasp just what on Earth was going on from this clip, you should consider a career cracking codes for the CIA.

Irish release date: May 27th


Forgoing the usual snippety teaser, this mega-blockbuster uses a tie-in with Turkish Airlines to show off a newly redeveloped Metropolis, after most of it was flattened at the end of Man Of Steel. Jesse Eisenberg doubles down on the megalomaniac smirk, playing the role as a character all too aware just how powerful wealth can be.

Irish release date: March 25th

However, not content with just the one trailer, we get another, this time with Turkish Airlines flying passengers into the no-longer-crime-ridden Gotham City. Ben Affleck seems like a perfect fit for the suave, debonair Bruce Wayne, so let's hope he's as comfortable as the Dark Knight.


Showing off a surprising amount of new footage, while still not giving away any real major plot points or major set-pieces, 2016's other superheroes vs superheroes scrap-fest is setting up it's social media campaign already. Are you #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?

Irish release date: April 29th


"I always wanted to be an athlete. Because I wanted to have children in cities all over the world." You'll either absolutely love Ryan Reynolds as the smart-alec potty-mouth, or you'll instantly hate him. Either way, this violent and profane movie is exactly the shot in the arm that superhero movies needed right now.

Irish release date: February 10th


Cheating a little bit by having a teaser over a minute long (which reportedly cost $10 million to air just that once), this still looks like a video-game to us. Clash Of The Titans, Wrath Of The Titans and Immortals didn't go down well, but Hollywood is still trying to make monster-filled ancient-Greek epics a thing. How knows, maybe it'll be pure popcorn-y fun?

Irish release date: Febraury 26th


Twenty years on since the original, and the aliens have returned to wreck more havoc upon our most famous landmarks. This time, instead of blowing them up, it looks like they've created a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks them up into the sky, and then drops them on to the population below. Which is ... different.

Irish release date: June 26th


Everything we know about this one can be found right here, although the tagline "You Know His Name" sounds a little bit too similar to Chris Cornell's theme song to Casino Royale "You Know My Name".

Irish release date: July 28th


Our first proper look at the full trailer for the live-action version of the classic tale came last night, and it looks absolutely stunning. Cutting edge technology and eye-piercing visuals come together to give echoes of The Life Of Pi, plus that all star voice cast are perfectly matched to their animal characters. Our early guess is that Christopher Walken is going to still the show.

Irish release date: April 15th


The plot of Toy Story, but with pets in place of toys, essentially. Co-directed by the guy who brought us the Despicable Me movies, with an eclectic voice-cast (Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate, Louis C.K.) that could hint towards a more grown-up sense of humour than we've seen here. Although, truth be told, that rocking poodle did make us laugh.

Irish release date: June 24th


Well, nobody can accuse this movie of taking itself too seriously, which is probably a good thing. We get our first glimpse at the big villain Krang (fans of the 90's cartoon will know who that is), and the rest seems to be mindless violence and Megan Fox in a school-girl outfit. Which is sure to find an audience.

Irish release date: June 3rd


Its become a bit of a cliche to use a slow-downed, creepy version of a pop song to really emphasize the trouble brewing in a trailer, but it still works pretty well here. This will be the end of the prequel X-Men trilogy that started with First Class and continued with Days Of Future Past, so expect things to go out with a bang.

Irish release date: May 19th


Last but not least, this is probably our favourite teaser of the bunch, because it gives us more information, but not enough to put together what it all means. It looks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead is about to go through a monster-fied version of Misery, and how it all ties back to the events of Cloverfield are still tantalizingly just out of reach.

Irish release date: March 11th