WATCH: Somehow this skier escaped this stomach-churning fall unscathed

Award-winning skier Angel Collinson fell for more than 300m after hitting a patch of ice

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Wince-worthy footage of freeskiing champion Angel Collison tumbling down an Alaskan mountain for more than 300 meters has been released, which will leave viewers wondering just how she could have come away from the fall almost entirely unscathed.

“I got real lucky and jammed two fingers, that was it, and lost everything out of my pack because it opened up and everything flew out. But other than that I was totally fine,” Collinson said during a presentation for Teton Gravity Research’s Safety Week.

“It was really lucky,” she added, addressing the gobsmacked audience.

Collinson had been skiing in the Neacola Range in the Arctic state while working on the production of a film named Paradise Waits. The award-winning skier hit a patch of ice, which begins her epic slide down the mountain.

When she finally manages to stop – having reached incredible speeds when the incline became almost vertical – she can be heard saying, “I’m okay! I’m okay!” She then sat up and told everyone that she was going to walk back up the mountain to collect her belongings.

Take a look at her fall below:

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