WATCH: UNICEF brings Syrian children's journey to life in animated 'Unfairy Tales'

The first tale in the series, 'Malak and the Boat', gets its world premier tomorrow in London

WATCH: UNICEF brings Syrian children's journey to life in animated 'Unfairy Tales'

A still from 'Malak and the Boat' [YouTube]

UNICEF has launched a new series of animated videos to raise awareness of the most vulnerable victims of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

Unfairy Tales, created by the 180LA advertising agency, depicts the perilous journeys made by child refugees by using animation and the children’s own narrations of the events brought about by the humanitarian disaster.

The first in the series, Malak and the Boat, will receive its world premiere in London tomorrow, debuting at the ‘Supporting Syria & the Region’ conference.

The meeting is being chaired by representatives from the UK, Germany, Norway, Kuwait, and the United Nations. Concern will represent Ireland at the conference, where more than 70 countries, international organisations, NGOs, and private-sector associations are expected to attend.

Malak and the Boat is the story of seven-year-old Malak, one of eight million children whose lives are in ruins because of the Syrian conflict. In the short, Malak tells the story of her crossing over the Mediterranean Sea on a boat in search of shelter.

UNICEF will release the second in the series, Ivine and Pillow, in March, as part of the #NoLostGeneration campaign that will mark the fifth anniversary of the deadly conflict.

You can watch Malak and the Boat in full below.

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