Fiona Doyle states her late mother can now not be "accountable" for years of abuse

Her mother has passed away but Fiona believes she was aware of years of abuse at the hands of her father

Fiona Doyle states her late mother can now not be "accountable" for years of abuse

Fiona Doyle. Image: Photocall Ireland

At the end of 2014, the Court of Appeal ruled that the sentence handed down to Patrick O’Brien for raping his daughter Fiona Doyle was unduly lenient.

The 74-year-old from Oldcourt in Bray, Co Wicklow was originally jailed for three years for inflicting a decade of abuse against his daughter, Fiona Doyle, between 1973 to 1982.

Mr Justice Paul Carney’s decision to grant Mr O’Brien bail pending an appeal caused a public outcry that led to him being taken back into custody three days later.

Almost two years later, his sentence of 12 years with nine suspended was the subject of the appeal.

The DPP argued that suspending so much of his sentence because of his old age and ill-health was unduly lenient and the Court of Appeal agreed. His sentence was changed to nine years with the final three suspended.

Fiona Doyle believes her mother knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop her father. The DPP was set to decide this week if Fiona's mother should face criminal charges relating to the abuse Fiona suffered but she passed away this morning.

Fiona spoke to Pat Kenny this morning: "I feel very lost at the fact that she's not going to be held accountable.

"I was 100% certain that they were going to charge her, it was just ironic that she died this week."

She continued: "I found a file and the file was being held by a place called Cluain Muire... I actually discovered myself.

"It was a document and it was two doctors talking to each other. One had obviously spoke to my mother and was relaying what my mother had said to the other doctor.

"It said on it, mother says father is sexually interfering with Fiona and that was taken down in October of 1983."

She went on to detail some of the occasions her mother was aware of the abuse and that she had frequently referred to Fiona as her "father's whore".

"She definitely knew", Fiona stated, "I know she knew".

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