Poll positions: Political nuts are more likely to have passionate love lives, study says

Trump supporters are also far more likely to video themselves having sex than Clinton's

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According to a survey carried out by the online-dating website Match.com, when it comes to singles in America, the country is split on more than just its traditional party lines. But the good news to take from those who like a raucous caucus, respondents who expressed an interest in politics, regardless of affiliations, were statistically having better sex – with one in three claiming to experience multiple orgasms.

More than 5,500 people between the ages of 18 and 70 answered the sixth annual Singles in America questionnaire, with the data revealing some rather eye-opening statistics on the men and women getting behind the likes of Trump and Clinton.

Trump supporters said that they were 99% more likely than Clinton’s base to record video of themselves having sex and 1,104% more likely to expect sex on a first date. Clinton’s supporters, on the other hand, were 102% more likely to lie about the number of notches on their bedpost, while also being 2,133% more likely to expect no physical contact on a first encounter.

In the wake of the Iowa Caucus, in which Trump came in a surprise second place, the Republican candidate may need to worry about his base abandoning him in droves, considering 36% of the survey’s female respondents said that they would ghost him after a first date. But the Donald can take some solace in the news that while Marco Rubio was the most kissable candidate, more than one in four straight men said that they would kiss the New Yorker.

[H/T: Mashable]

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