"Cloverfield" sequel's mysterious marketing campaign has kicked into high gear

The clues are beginning to leak out about the top secret new movie

In case you missed it, the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, the surprise arrival sequel to the 2008 found-footage monster-disaster movie, arrived without any fanfare or warning a few weeks back.

The bigger surprise was that the movie would be out very soon, with an Irish release date set for March 11th. You can check out the trailer here, and eagle-eyed viewers will spot some clues that will make sense in a moment:

For those who remember, the lead-up to the original Cloverfield movie was beset on all sides by rumours and a hugely ambitious viral marketing campaign that involved a fake drilling company, scientific reports and a missing person website.

Fans were able to hunt for clues to the mystery behind the monster, and it even filled in some of the blanks that the movie left bare for mega-fans to fill in afterwards.

The same appears to be happening now with the sequel, as an email was sent out by Tagruato (the same drilling company from the original campaign) sent out its first email in over eight years:

image via Tumblr

Tagruato also happened to sell a soda called "Slusho" which contained "seabed nectar" - which is what people believe they were drilling for when they awoke the monster from the original - so when another soda pop appeared in the sequel's trailer, people took notice.

"Swamp Pop" actually has an active website, and you can actually buy their lemonade. Every four-pack comes with a puzzle piece... the same puzzle you see the characters trying to complete in the teaser trailer.

There's also an option to buy something called a "Long-Term Shelter Supply" - a steal at only $4,813 - but unfortunately the offer is already sold out. However, you may notice that the jukebox number that is entered at the start of the trailer is ... 4-8-1-3. Coincidence? Probably.

We'll be sure to know more in the next few weeks leading up the movie's release.