WATCH: Dutch police are using trained eagles to capture rogue drones

Its certainly a more efficient way then using nets or rocks

As drones become more and more affordable and popular, they also become more and more of a nuisance.

Between breaking several aviation laws (depending on the country) and also being used to spy illegally on neighbours, many governments have taken it into their own hands to deal with the airborne menace.

In Tokyo for example, police are using net-carrying anti-drones to capture other drones, in an almost dictionary definition of fighting fire with fire.

video via TechyHints

However, officials in The Netherlands are using a unique and potentially much more efficient means of capturing drones, by training eagles to target and take down the drones. The following video (which is all in Dutch, but the good stuff is near the start) shows off the plan in action, although clearly still in the early stages of development.

video via Netherlands National Police