New pay-per-weight system for household bin collections from July

Government claim almost 90% of households will see waste bills reduced

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Householders will no longer be charged a flat bin rate from July 1st.

Providers are set to move to a system where homeowners will pay-per-weight for their waste collection.

The Department of the Environment says those who separate their waste more will pay less.

The department claims almost 90% of Irish households will see their waste bills reduced with the introduction of the pay-by-weight.

The move will see householders move away from paying a flat-fee or pay per collection basis.

The department says it hopes it will compel collectors to introduce a charging system that promotes greater segregation of waste, and improves recycling.

However some have expressed concern that the new charge could lead to an increase in dumping.

Conor Horgan is from the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) group.

Currently some householders are charged a collection rate that compensates collectors for each green/brown bin collected. Even where there is not a direct charge for green/brown bin, the cost of this service is priced into the overall charge.

"While some people might think that this will mean that they are to be charged for the first time for the recycling bin, the reality is that all households have always been charged in some way for this service", the Department of the Environment says in a statement.

"Where a collector offered this bin at a zero charge, the true price was reflected in higher residual waste charges".

"In other words, the recycling bin was paid for by hidden cross-subsidisation", it adds.

An information campaign to inform customers will kick off shortly.

The Environment Minister Alan Kelly claims it is a "win-win" situation.

But Sinn Féin councillor Chris Andrews says: "Families will have been alarmed to learn over the weekend that the government parties are not yet finished sticking the boot in with reports that people will have to pay for the contents of their recyclable waste".

"Such a proposal confirms the concerns of Sinn Féin representatives upon the privatisation of waste collection services when we warned that such charges would only increase over time".

"Not only have waste charges increased dramatically in recent years but now we are being told that we will also be forced to pay for that waste which can be recycled", he added.