WATCH: Every 'Best Picture' winner at the Oscars ever in one supercut

From 1927's 'Wings' through to 2015's 'Birdman', celebrate the best (and sometimes really?) of the Academy Awards

Academy Awards, Oscars, Best Picture


In an awards-season year dominated by discussions about the representation of minorities on film and the recognition of their work, it’s safe to say that the 88th Academy Awards is not going to be a show that Oscar will soon forget.

Taking home one of the golden statuettes remains the most prized award in the film industry and there are plenty of movie buff and Academy anoraks out there that can name every winner of the top and final prize of the night – ‘Best Picture’. For everyone else, though, there is not a very handy and stylish supercut of all the winners rolled into one.

Created by the YouTube channel Burger Fiction, the short starts with the first ever winner, rather aptly moving from the 1927 silent movie Wings right through to 2015’s Birdman. Take a look at the video below:

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