WATCH: "Thank you for being my friend" - Terry Wogan's emotional sign off on his radio show

In 2009, the veteran broadcaster recorded a farewell to the listeners of his daily radio show

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Image: Zak Hussein / PA Archive/PA Images

The death of veteran Irish broadcaster Terry Wogan has seen television, radio and social media light up with tributes to and memories of the popular presenter.

One of the videos that has been widely shared this morning is a clip of Terry signing off from his daily BBC radio show Wake up to Wogan back in December 2009.

The breakfast show - which was the UK's most listened to radio programme - ran from 1993, and brought in millions of listeners every day.

In his farewell, the presenter held back tears as he thanked listeners "for being my friend". He told them, "you've allowed me to share with you. When you tell me how important I've been in your lives, it's been very moving - you've been every bit as important in mine".

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Off the Ball's Richie McCormack called it the "most perfect, heartbreaking thing ever broadcast... This is what every broadcaster should aspire to. Not ladder climbing, or fame, but to have that deep a relationship with your audience".

While Terry returned to Radio 2 to host a Sunday morning programme the following year, his daily show bow unquestionably remains a particularly fond farewall from a beloved broadcaster: