Dublin has second-highest life satisfaction in the EU, says survey

Dubliners see health services, housing and unemployment as top issues

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Buses and traffic scenes on Dublin's College Green last year | Image: RollingNews.ie

A new survey has found that 95% of Dubliners say they are satisfied with life in their city.

This puts Dublin in joint second place - along with Vienna and Stockholm - among EU capital cities for life satisfaction.

The Eurobarometer poll results show that only residents of Helsinki (96%) are more satisfied with their capital city than Dubliners.

On the other hand, people in the Greek capital Athens are the least satisfied at 60%.

Dubliners are also happy with education facilities - in first place with an 83% satisfaction level.

Dublin is in joint 3rd place for satisfaction with retail, 12th place for satisfaction with public transport, 17th place for satisfaction with health care - and 46% of Dubliners agreed it is easy to find a job.

Dubliners were also very positive about the presence of foreigners in the city, with 89% agreeing they were good for the capital.

But when asked if they felt safe in their city, 26% of Dubliners disagreed - compared to only 5% of respondents from Copenhagen and 62% from Athens.

And 76% of Dubliners say they are satisfied with the financial situation of their household, 9th highest behind Stockholm.

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