Porn film accidentally shown at funeral of father and son

Mourners were horrified when the film began playing instead of a tribute to the young father

Porn film accidentally shown at funeral of father and son

The Thornhill crematorium, Cardiff

Cardiff Council has said they are investigating how a pornographic film was shown at the funeral of a father and his baby son.

Mourners at the council-run Thornhill crematorium were stunned when a screen at the ceremony began showing a pornographic film – rather than the tribute to the father it was due to show.

The father and son died in a car crash on New Year’s Eve.

Rev Lionel Fanthorpe said mourners were “deeply upset” by the incident, the BBC reports.

"The council has forwarded a written apology to the family and is carrying out an urgent investigation,” a council spokesperson said.

"Simon's father-in-law was desperately upset. [He] came rushing forward. He was looking for an engineer and urging them to 'turn it off, turn it off'. Fortunately it was off in seconds,” said Rev Fanthorpe.

"This was not what anybody could have ever imagined or wanted. I just felt the deepest possible sympathy,” he added.

The TV which showed the pornography was recently installed and the Council are investigating if an issue with new technology could be at the root of the incident.

"We are trying to establish if the new screen - which is a smart television - could have accepted or picked up a broadcast by accident via blue tooth or across a wi-fi network," said a Council spokesman.

"The other three screens which aren't smart TVs were unaffected. We are clear that it isn't possible for any member of staff to play or download anything on the computer that links to the screens in the chapel."