The papers: "You're the reason our kids are ugly" - Breakfast hits out at Irish men

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find 90% of our fellas not good looking enough for dating website

"It's not just guys with ginger hair and big noses", an international elite dating website has rejected 90% of the Irish men who applied, Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates was appalled to discover.

The Beautiful People dating website did accept a higher number of Dubs than culchies, but you need to go to Sweden or Norway if you want to find really gorgeous specimen.

That story is covered in today's Herald newspaper.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times has: "Central Bank urges caution over tax cuts" - that story on a serious warning by the present Central Bank Governor of the Central Bank.

The Irish Examiner: "Parties should have risk plans in election manifesto".

And The Irish Independent: "Central Bank bottles it on home loan overcharging - Bank Inquiry says weak regulators failed to act in crash".

Lots of coverage of the Banking Inquiry report, which will be published later today. Sarah Barton has a piece in The Times: "Banking Inquiry: ECB said it would pull emergency support".

The Examiner also has: "Burton rules out entering deal with Lowry".

The Irish Daily Mail has: "999 staff must get permission to use the toilet".

The Herald: "Horror sex attack on girl, 14".

The Irish Daily Mirror and The Irish Sun lead with the ongoing investigation into the Kenneth O'Brien investigation.

The Irish Daily Star has: "Garda murder suspects take the piste - on the run brothers taunt cops on Adrian's anniversary" along with pictures of two men in masks on a ski slope on the anniversary of Garda Adrian Donoghoe's shooting dead.

Inside the papers:

Some good news in The Herald, more tickets for the green army to the Euros. The FAI have also secured an extra 2,000 tickets for long-time supporters who miss out on the original allocation.

The Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Times are covering the medical fitness to practice hearing of a Dr Hassan, and the 23 findings against him - including the fact that he confused an elbow for an ankle.

The Irish Times covers the insurance sector's decision not to offer universal insurance for homeowners affected by flood risk, despite government efforts to convince them to do so.

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