Twitter was not happy with Ray D'Arcy's interview of Dean Strang from 'Making a Murderer'

The lawyer who gained international fame after the Netflix documentary was released appeared on the show on Saturday evening.

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Dean Strang, of Making a Murderer fame, appeared on the Ray D'Arcy Show to discuss the documentary that had become a huge phenomenon in recent weeks, but the interview did not go well. 

Strang, and the other defense lawyer in the case Jerry Buting, has seen a huge amount of media attention since the series was released and was in Ireland on Saturday night to appear on D'Arcy's show and discuss the phenomenon that Making a Murderer has become, as well as his life in the years since the case ended. 

However, the interview did not go all that well, according to what the people of Twitter have had to say about it. The conversation spent a long time covering what had already been unearthed in the documentary, while there were a number of repeated questions. 

The general reaction of those watching was a feeling that there had been a very good opportunity missed as a result. 

While there may have been restrictions on what questions were allowed to be asked, and there needed to be some of the old ground passed over again for those who had not seen the show, the interview failed to break any new ground.

Earlier this week, Jerry Buting stated that fans who have been watching the show and posting theories online could be helping in the case: "those kinds of tips that people are coming up with may very well be useful. In addition, there is information about the other possible suspects - and other theories that people have".

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, he added that "there's the old saying that two minds are better than one. Well, a million minds, or millions of minds, are better than two, because people are finding some things that we either didn't argue or didn't argue as effectively as perhaps we could have [during the trial]".