This week on Down to Business: festivals, weddings and summits

We have a lot to get through tomorrow...

This week on Down to Business we’re back in studio and we're covering all things business.

Here's what we have lined-up:

Papers - Kicking things off Tom O'Connor, CEO of Version One will join us to look at the front pages and the business pages of the morning papers.

Holiday Trends for 2016 - To discuss the outlook for the holiday industry in 2016, Bobby will be joined by Martin Skelly who is Manager at Navan Travel & and President of the Irish Travel Agents Association ITAA. And for one of the more unusual destinations, Torrance Lewis from the Jamaican Tourist Board will report in from the Holiday World Show in the RDS.

Coffee Wars - Bobby visits coffee company, Java Republic and swaps coffee war stories with David McKiernan

Industry Review, event organising - Whether you are organising your dream wedding, a corporate dinner for a thousand guests or a festival celebrating the best of Ireland, we'll speak to the people who can take the stress of planning an event out of your hands - Tara Fay founder of Xena Productions Bespoke Events, Barry Muldowney Head of Events with Verve The Live Agency and Bruce Mansour, organiser and owner of the Irish Sponsorship Summit, the Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival and The Irish Craft Beer Festival.

The Business of 1916 - The Sunday Independent columnist Liam Collins will join us to discuss an article he wrote which charts the incredible business careers of the descendants of 1916.

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