The papers: "It's not a problem you have?" - Ivan on Chris's celebrity status

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers...and find Stephen Fry's New Year's resolution is proving unpopular


In the papers today, Britain's plans for a Brexit, Louth travellers still homeless, Kenneth O'Brien's murder and a woman scorned.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times has: "Cameron warns EU of possible delay to referendum" British PM says he could wait 'til the Autumn for a vote on a Brexit.

They are also running: "Travellers told to put children into foster care" - that story out of Woodland Park halting site near Dundalk, Co Louth.

The Irish Independent: "Families paid €10,000 to protect rid of burglars". The Minister for Justice has claimed that crime figures have fallen, despite figures to show that burglaries are up.

"Kenny says Apple tax deals claims baseless". CEO Tim Cook of Apple had a private meeting with the European Commission yesterday as a final decision looms on the probe into the tax deals for corporation tax in Ireland."

The Examiner leads with: "Claims of foster abuse cover-up in HSE". This story relates to allegations that residents at a foster care home suffered rape and extreme physical abuse, and that the whole matter was covered up by the HSE.

Finally in that paper, Endless Enda - as he prepares for City West, constituency colleague Minister Michael Ring has said the Taoiseach will serve the full term if he is re-elected.

Both The Irish Daily Star and The Irish Sun have the story of a woman who was yesterday fined €75 for attacking another woman with a shoe in a fight over an unfaithful man -"Heel hath no fury", The Sun says.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Who has been clearing out Jason's home?" along with a picture from North Carolina of Jason Corbette's house.

The Herald: "Hunt for dad murder site" as part of the investigation into Kenneth O'Brien's killing.

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Card luck for green army" - UEFA has advised soccer fans hoping to travel to the Euros that debit cards work in some countries like Ireland, but they cannot be guaranteed for ticket sales. The Authority suggests you pay with your credit card.

Inside the papers: 

The Sun says throwing a baptism party for your newborn is now something that 93% of people do. Mums and Dads are splashing out €500, according to a survey from One4All gift vouchers company.

Stephen Fry is being criticised for his New Year resolution, not to pose for selfies anymore.

The Star has a scoop: "TV3 host has revealed he's got a hair transplant" because of the HD studio... it wasn't Ivan Yates who got his hair done though, it was Alan Hughes.

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