Travellers evicted from Louth site say they are homeless

Woodland Park families describe sleeping in cars

Updated 12.45

A number of travellers evicted from an illegal halting site in Dundalk yesterday say they have been left homeless.

23 families were moved out of Woodland Park after Louth County Council cited health and safety concerns in the wake of the Carrickmines fire last year.

A number of families say they were told they would be given rented accommodation, but this is yet to be provided.

Louth County Council says it is in contact with letting agencies in an effort to source properties.

However, spokesperson for the families Rebecca Quinn says that is not good enough.

"I was on the floor of my sister's last night. You have had people who are bunching into caravans, letting the women and children into the caravans and the men sleeping in the cars, simply because the Council will not provide what they said they will do.

When we got on to the solicitor yesterday and the solicitor got on to Louth County Council and was like 'this is not what we agreed on Tuesday', that is simply not good enough."