Why 'dinner for breakfast' is the most important meal of the day

Gourmet Fuel's Emma Buckley explains the latest trend in healthy eating

One of the biggest hurdles in a healthy eating plan is incorporating breakfast. People either don't have time or the appetite. And even more difficult a jump is choosing a dinner-type meal over the typical breakfast fare of cereals etc.. But the cliche is true, get breakfast right and you win the day!

Does it have to be first thing when you wake up? No. But bear in mind that whatever you eat will be the first 'fuel' you introduce to your body to that day, so it better be good. 

So, what's consider a ‘good’ breakfast?

Well, over the decades we've been indoctrinated to eat carbohydrate-rich, convenient and sugar-laden cereals for energy but we now know much more about nutrition and the impact certain nutrients have on our body’s metabolism and how we feel.  

Yes, carbohydrate gives us energy but so does fat and protein. Yes, carbohydrate gives us glucose which our body uses primarily as energy, but it should not be consumed to the detriment of protein, fat and produce (fruits and veg).

When we eat breakfast, we're not just refuelling the body after the fast of overnight, we're preparing it for its functions and activities for the day. We know that we want to be productive and not fatigued. We want to feel capable and not lack lustre.

the answer? Ensuring we have protein in every meal, basically. This nutrient will make you feel you satisfied, feeling fuller for longer and importantly, will produce the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which make you feel alert and ready. Exactly what we want.

Carbohydrate on the other hand, produces serotonin, the calming neurotransmitter. So, having a good mixture of both along with healthy fats and fresh fruit or veg for breakfast is a winning combination.

Dinner for breakfast

I first came across the idea of dinner for breakfast about five years ago and haven't looked back since. It's a little weird at the start but after a while it's not a problem. I often have one of our chicken salads for breakfast. And, if you want to lose body fat, it's the best way to drop stubborn fat reserves.

So, try the dinner for breakfast approach and if you need any advice on how to drop that Christmas or breakfast cereal fat, give me a call on 01 293 87 92 or email emma@gourmetfuel.com.

Try this Paleo Breakfast Bowl recipe from Newstalk's Give In To Living series.

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