The papers: "What does goat mean? Eejit?" - presenters talk text slang

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find YOLO to be very last year

12% of divorced couples in the UK  get back together - boomerang marriages are becoming more common.

Men and women report getting back together after learning to live with a past infidelity, because they still love each other, and for the sake of the children - according to The Telegraph.

Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates is stuck on the fact that the "mot" would likely have walked away with the house, a big cash settlement and some alimony in the divorce settlement.

He wanted to know: "I get the whole love thing, but post-divorce, do you get the house back?"

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times: "Majority of 62,000 data requests made by Gardaí" - in a follow-on to the GSOC story of earlier in the week, applications for data were made to phone and internet companies.

That paper also has: "IMF officials oppose further cuts".

The Irish Independent: "Snooping powers used by State on 6,000 phones" and: "Suitcase man is identified".

All of the papers have leads on the identification of Kenneth O'Brien.

The Irish Examiner: "Party pills leave teen in fight for life", a Cork story. 

But they are leading with: "HSE admits failings in foster abuse".

Both the Independent and the Examiner have pictures of the new €2 coin that has been minted, showing the Hibernia statue in commemoration of 1916.

Inside the papers: 

The name Liam is the top name for boy's in the Nederlands - it is not actually an Irish name, it is the Irish version of William.

High Court judge Paul Butler, according to The Independent, has said the touted second Special Criminal Court is unlikely to ever happen.

Chris Donoghue tested Yates on his text slang, from a list of top 20 terms in The Irish Sun - he failed miserably. But for your own information pap means - post a picture; ship - relationship; ootd - outfit of the day and goat - greatest of all time.

Yates, who spent last night binging on Netflix's Making a Murderer was delighted to reveal his favourite story of the day: "If you sit on the couch, drinking a cider, you could actually be burning calories... as long as you are laughing."

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