The seven things you really must know from the web this week

From exploring Dublin of 1916 to exploring the interconnections between all of us today, the Internet's got you covered

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When it comes to surfing the web, it's easy to get lost at sea. So let Moncrieff's regular guest Darragh Doyle, a man who knows a thing or two about what's weird and wonderful online, steer you in the right direction.

You can listen back to his full segment below, but here's what you need to know from the Internet this week...

  • An opening video... Sonder:

 The realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 

  • The Google Dublin Rising 1916-2016 Rising Tour

Dublin Rising 1916-2016 is a virtual city streets tour exploring the iconic places, people and stories of 100 years ago, narrated by Colin Farrell. It’s an interactive experience brings 1916 events to life for people around the world. It includes 1916 Exhibitions and artefacts from six prestigious cultural institutions

The tour was developed by Google in partnership with Ireland 2016, with expert advice from a dedicated team of archivists and historians, and resources from some of our National Cultural Institutions, museums and academic institutions. The virtual tour and exhibitions will allow millions of people around the world to share in Ireland’s 2016 commemorations and learn more about the 1916 uprising right from their phone, tablet or computer.

OMBra is the smart sports bra concept from clothing company OM, known for making web-connected workout shirts. The core of the OMbra, a small black box that sits above the torso, houses a range of sensors that track running performance indicators, such as distance, cadence, pace, heart rate and calories.

Withings' WiFi-connected thermometer, Thermo, ($99.95) is used by hovering over the skin. While it's designed for babies - allowing parents to take readings in the middle of the night without disturbing the little one - it works just as well on adults. Plus, it's less invasive and more hygienic. The Thermo is placed just above the temporal artery, found at both temples on the forehead (now considered by medical institutions to be the most accurate spot to get a temperature reading).

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a giant touchscreen - 21.5 inches and 1080p - on the front and packs a small camera that lets you see what’s inside while you’re at the grocery store. It’s also the first third-party home appliance to feature Amazon Alexa, the digital voice assistant in Amazon Echo. 

Looking for a room to have a meeting in? This is the website for you.

Used by thousands of companies, business people, trainers and entrepreneurs who need good meeting space for interviews, meetings or presentations, Irish Company is one of those “good to know” websites. You can log in and simply search in any city and book a small meeting room with your credit card.  So pretty much a for meeting rooms. They have 70,000 venues in 134 countries.

  • - Become new old friends

Making Connections is inspired by a simple but powerful idea: that people living within a community have a natural gift for friendship and a desire to help those around them.

In order to promote this culture of connection, they arrange for volunteers to visit and get to know older member of the community who live independently. Strong, happy, stimulating friendships have been cultivated as a result.
Volunteers are asked to commit to visiting the person they’re matched with for an hour a week, for a minimum of nine months. You will be accompanied on the first visit by one of the staff from Making Connections.

  • Password advice for 2016 based on figures from 2015

As covered by today, some timely advice to change your password if it happens to be '123456'.

  • And finally...

Linkin Park's In the End sung by 183 movies cut together:

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