A lie-in could reverse health impacts of sleep deprivation

Experts say lack of sleep can be a risk factor in the development of diabetes

A lie-in at the weekend after a busy working week could reverse the risk of diabetes caused by a lack of sleep.

A new study from the University of Colorado has revealed that less than five hours sleep a night can increase the risk of developing diabetes by around 16%, compared to the increased risk caused by obesity.

But the good news is that two consecutive nights of extended sleep of around ten hours can reverse that damage.

However Dr Anna Clarke, Health Promotion and Research Manager from Diabetes Ireland, says the best way to avoid diabetes is through healthy eating and regular exercise:

"The knock-on effect of getting less than six hours of sleep is definitely related to the dietary intake during the day, as well as the actual sleep-deprivation which would increase your blood pressure and increase your risk of a lot of medical conditions.

So it's a dual whammy, there will be poor food choices alongside the actual health risk itself of having deprived sleep".