Donegal and Wicklow are the most expensive counties to buy petrol and diesel

New report shows Donegal locals paying highest margain above national average

Donegal is the most expensive county to buy petrol in according to a new report from the AA.

The survey has found Wicklow is the dearest when it comes to buying diesel.

In Donegal the average cost of petrol was 128.1 cents per litre - that's 1.6% higher than the national average - while in Wicklow diesel costs 3.5% above the average at 116.3 cents per litre.

Drivers are being urged to shop around - due to wide variations between retailers.

However, just two days ago, Applegreen - one of Ireland's largest petrol retailers - is predicting a further drop in prices at the pump.

Oil prices have fallen to a 12 year low, with prices now at 2003 rates.

The drop in cost is said to be down to a surge in supply.