WATCH: SpaceX releases footage of its rocket exploding

The craft attempted a vertical landing after successfully completing its primary mission

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Elon Musk / Instagram

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has posted dramatic footage of one of his company's rockets exploding after successfully completing a mission to put a satellite into low orbit.

The entrepreneur's company recently carried out one of the first ever vertical spacecraft landings - this attempt was less lucky.


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The rocket toppled over after one of its legs failed to latch on to the landing port. Mr Musk said that the "root cause" is likely to have been a build up of ice due to heavy fog during takeoff.

SpaceX made history in December of last year, landing a Falcon 9 reusable rocket which had been in orbital space delivering satellites.

Mastering the engineering of reusable rockets would make space travel significantly cheaper - Space X rockets cost between $60m and $90m to produce.

The rocket made a successful launch and delivered a satellite named Jason-3 into the atmosphere. It will be used to monitor sea levels to research the impact of human activities on the world's oceans. It will also help to predict hurricane intensity and aid marine navigation.