Killer tells student he tried to be '50 shades of Graham!'

In letters he wrote to a Dublin au pair, Graham Dwyer has said, of his violent sexual past, he tried to be the best that he could be

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File picture of Graham Dwyer, who has been jailed for killing Elaine O'Hara

Details have emerged of letters Graham Dwyer has been sending to a Dublin-based student from jail.

The convicted killer was sentenced to life behind bars - for the murder of Elaine O'Hara last year - he isnow serving his time at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise.

In letters to the Spanish au pair, working in Dublin - Dwyer says he intends to appeal his conviction on 12 counts - including comments made by Dr Marie Cassidy after his trial on the lack of pathology evidence heard in court.

Ralph Riegal of The Irish Independent says the letters contain some shocking comments:

"He was basically talking about the trial and he specifically mentioned the graphic sexual content that emerged during the trial. 

He tried to deal with that by saying it had shocked journalists, and other people, but that he tried to be the very best at anything that he could be - '50 shades of Graham!'."