Irish Cancer Society CEO to take €10,000 pay cut after funding backlash

John McCormack's salary will be reduced to €135,000 a year

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Irish Cancer Society CEO John McCormack in 2013 | Image:

The Health Minister Leo Varadkar says he is open to considering extra financial supports for organisations like the Irish Cancer Society.

It comes after the CEO of the Irish Cancer Society confirmed he will take a €10,000 pay cut.

John McCormack's salary will be reduced to €135,000 a year.

This follows strong backlash against the organisation this week after its partially reversed a decision to abolish its programme of supports for families with cancer.

Earlier this week the charity said it would have to stop paying the grants to patients because it no longer had the resources to do so.

But yesterday confirmed support for the families of children with cancer will continue.

The group says almost €200,000 will be needed this year to continue the fund.

Mr McCormack says they will find the money to retain the services for children and are making cuts elsewhere.

"It wasn't the only scheme that we targeted - we looked throughout the organisation for savings" he said.

"We made savings in our staff costs, for example, we're not replacing people who are on maternity leave, we're not replacing people who've left the organisation - and we have €750,000 of savings in staff costs" he added.

While Health Minister Leo Varadkar says the government already provides some support, but they will look at increasing it.