The papers: "The best couples are those who fight" - Chris on relationships

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find arguing in a productive way really helps your marriage

The best couples are those who fight, psychologists say.

You should argue in a 'productive' way to thrive, according to the experts.

"You just concede" presenter Ivan Yates advises.

This morning's top news story: 

PJ Mara, former political advisor to Fianna Fáil Taoiseach Charlie Haughey, died overnight - news that did not make any of the print runs for the papers last night.

Affectionately described as a political "master of the black arts" on Breakfast this morning, his achievements as being remembered by party leader Micheál Martin this morning.

On the front pages: 

All three broadsheet papers feature pictures of the Irish Oscar nominees celebrating with champagne yesterday.

The Irish Independent leads with: "USC u-turn as Noonan unveils new wealth tax".

The Irish Times goes with the story that the Banking Inquiry will go ahead and publish its report, probably on January 27th: "Developers force Banking Inquiry climbdown over report - Oireachtas committee changes draft of final report after legal threats".

Also on the front page: "Lowry diverted €372,000 High Court told".

The Irish Examiner leads with a follow-up on the story of a teenager who found her picture reproduced from social media on a porn website: "Facebook inquiry over teen images on porn site - tech giant to probe how images were used without teen consent".

The Herald has picture of its own reporter Conor Feehan, with the headline: "Why am I being hacked by GSOC".

The Irish Daily Star and The Irish Daily Mirror go with: "Irishman guilty in €20 million robbery" and "Irishman guilty in €18 million gems heist".

The Irish Daily Mail: "Begg breaks his silence on Labour cronyism".

The Sun goes with all of the Oscar nominations focusing on the news that Saoirse Ronan is in the mix: "Gong girl -  Saoirse leads the Irish Oscar charge."

Inside the papers:

The Irish Independent is welcoming broadcaster Gay Byrne back to work, after his recent health difficulties. He voiced an advert yesterday about 1916 celebrations.

Former ICTU Head David Begg has hit back at negative coverage of his appointment as Chairman of the Pensions Authority saying he will only get €20,500 a year for that work.

Scut - a bad word meaning bum. The Star has a story about LUAS bosses and their fears that a child could die while taking part in a new dangerous trend of jumping on the back of a tram to hitch a ride. A photo has emerged online of a child sitting on the windscreen wiper of a red line tram - something known as scutting.

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