Taoiseach expresses doubt that abortion amendment appeal will be passed

Kenny is unsure that a referendum will pass to repeal the 8th

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Image: RollingNews.ie

Enda Kenny has expressed doubt over whether a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment on abortion would actually be passed.

The Taoiseach's again promised to refer the matter to a constitutional convention within six months if his coalition is re-elected.

He's promised that the matter will be considered 'thoughtfully', while Tanaiste Joan Burton wants it referred to an expert group instead.

But the Taoiseach says if a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment was held today, he doesn't know if it would actually be passed:

Joan Burton has insisted that the Labour party will address the issue, stating that her party are long opposed to the amendment being included in the constitution, as it does not serve the best interests of women or Irish society in general.