Former US Congressman says we've never dealt with the migration issue, remembering the Irish Sweepstakes and the Essential Songs of David Bowie

Three of the best interviews from the Right Hook today

The Right Hook consisted of quite a mix of topics and we've put three of the best interviews together in one handy location.
Today, George spoke to former US Congressman Bruce Morrison (he of ‘Morrison Visa’ fame) live in studio, and amongst other things, Bruce addressed the Migrant Crisis, telling us that Europe 'has never gotten to grips with the migrant question'.
Founder of the Progressive Democrats, and former Fianna Fáil TD Des O'Malley spoke to George about the Irish Sweepstakes; and specifically about the questions he raised about them while he was Minister of Justice.
And finally, Bill Hughes shares his Essential Songs of David Bowie.
You can listen to all the interviews by clicking below: