Dog who became trapped on Howth Head cliff rescued by Coast Guard team

Hooch became trapped at Balscaden on Howth Head earlier today

The Howth Coast Guard team has successfully rescued a dog that became trapped on sea cliffs earlier today.

12-year-old Boxer Hooch had fallen 15 metres into the water at Balscaden on Howth Head. He managed to scramble back onto rocks but became stuck on a ledge.

The dog's barking was heard by nearby walkers and paddle boarders who contacted the Coast Guard, and a cliff rescue team training nearby were dispatched to help.

With the assistance of the paddle boarders, the Coast Guard team were able to extract the dog. A rescue climber was lowered and helped haul the dog back to safety in an animal rescue bag. 

Hooch is said to have been left 'slightly shaken... but otherwise in good spirits'.

The Coast Guard is encouraging people to not attempt to save dogs trapped in dangerous areas, but instead to contact them on 112/999.